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Papa Onta Cult

Post-Punk/Death Rock 

Akhmad Alfan Rahadi
Adhiel Albatati
Waluyo Sugito
Erven Reiner Simanjuntak


Record Label:
Tsefuela/Tsefuelha Records(a division of Netlabel)

Current Location:
Influence: Joy Division,The Birthday Party,Nick Cave and The Bad Seeds,These Immortal Souls,Lydia LUnch,Teenage Jesus and The Jerks.Nick Cave ,Ian Curtis .Fela KUti,Babatunde olatunji,Hugo race and the souls
Primitive, pounding, Papa Onta Cult.
This Surabaya-based band has in three tracks encapsulated the loneliness and longing of early-80s post-punk. Sparse atmospherics, barely legible shouted howls of pain, that relentless drum sound, lyrics about the futility of the arguments of life. Under the right circumstance this EP will make you want to appreciate life to the fullest……or kill yourself (Ababil Ashari) tsefuela/tsefuelha records/yesnowave

Alfan first came up with an idea of making a band that is never been in Surabaya city .Taking influence from Joy Division,The Birthday Party and the lyricism of Moss Icon.He later teamed up with adhil to form a band called The Fuckface together with one of classmate in Faculty Of Culture in Airlangga University,Alfan himself is a dental student in the same University.Later on the following month Alfan came to a show held in a cafe called Brawn, he wore a shirt written PAPA ONTA on it,a gift from his aunt back from Makkah, Adhil suggested that name become the band's name,at first Alfan is somewhat confused and awkward but then again it was used until now.Then Erven called his old mate named Akio who is a multi talented musician to join the band.The band started their first gig on a community show at magnet zone may 2008,and at that moment The cult of Onta was born.Now with new drummer with more power XardiCUPZX and new bassist waluyo sugito. Papa Onta Cult ready to bring darkness and hollowness to surabaya hot and sweaty climate.

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